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Wi-Fi access for guest users

Learn how to implement Wi-Fi access for guests on your company premises ...
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Top 10 Gartner trends predicted for 2014

Gartner has predicted the top 10 predictions for the next three to five years.

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Does your company need flexible electronic billing solutions? Credit card clearing or direct debit banking? netextend offers customised end-user billing ...
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Our CloudLounge is an online shop solution that allows you to build up your own cloud infrastructure, with just a few mouse clicks. Design your own data center any time flexible to your current demand ...
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When running a network, inventory assets need to be reported from an auditable view. If service levels delivered by service providers, are also being reported, an independent solution is almost mandatory.
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Like in the IT industry, there is a market for customised solutions in the telecommunications market. netextend serves as a partner for both - the large corporate customer as well as the carrier.
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